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SEAL-EX has many products available to be used in its On Stream Leak Sealing service. The best sealant is chosen based upon process involved, process conditions - pressure and temperature, ambient conditions, repair type and leak flow.
SEAL-EX can also provide packing and gasket materials.
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SP01 - SP10

This series of sealant products are all non-curing Teflon fibre based injectable compounds that can be create a packing or gasket material when correctly injected. These products are pressured into the void and the carrier will either dry or extrude to leave behind a flexible solid seal.

Products in this group are again non-curing and contain various types of fibres that can be compressed to form the seal. Fibres may be carbon graphite, aramid or ceramic. The carrier can range from heavy grease mixtures to various other lubricant type products.
SP21 - SP30

While this group of sealant products contain fibres, the carrier is a thermocuring agent which will produce a stiffer seal upon cure. They may be also used below cure temperature or have a curing accelerator added.
SP11 - SP20
This series of sealants is elastomers and semi-solids that can be injected to create a seal. Some are thermo-curing and may contain a fibre to aid in blocking performance of the sealant.
SP41 - SP50