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SEAL-EX Industrial Services Ltd. is an Energy Services provider who offers specialty services to help clients maintain continued production and delay the need to shut down. Though the application of our specialty services, clients are aided in achieving maximum productionin and minimize environmental impact.

On Stream Leak Sealing is an Effective Alternative to equipment shutdown, SEAL-EX provides this service to clients to keep equipment and facilities operating without the need to shutdown and lose production. This specialized service is typically applied to equipment components that are under normal operating conditions. Process fluid, pressure, temperature and Productivity all remain constant.

Safe, Dependable and Professional work practices ensure high quality services where and when you need it. SEAL-EXs unique quality assurance program incorporates a systematic approach to ensure jobs are correctly evaluated, planned for, and successfully executed.
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About Us
SEAL-EX Industrial is 100% Canadian owned.
SEAL-EX provides solutions to customers who want help with process containment detection, containment and clean up
SEAL-EX is available 24 hours each day
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Toll Free 1-888-5SEALEX
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