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SEAL-EX Industrial

SEAL-EX Industrial Services Ltd. is an Energy Services provider who offers specialty services to help clients maintain continued production and delay the need to shut down. Though the application of our specialty services, clients are aided in achieving maximum productionin and minimize environmental impact.

SEAL-EX was formed as a division of EVEREADY Industrial Services and then split off to become its own entity in late 2006. SEAL-EX operates independently throughout western and central Canada. Through the use of fully stocked service units to portable flight tool kits, SEAL-EX can respond to client needs wherever they may occur.

SEAL-EXs unique quality assurance program incorporates a systematic approach to ensure jobs are correctly evaluated, planned for, and successfully executed. Our core values require we provide our services in a Safe, Dependable and Professional manner, providing our clients with a hassle free experience.

SEAL-EX is Proudly Canadian
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