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SEAL-EX Safety

SEAL-EX Industrial Services takes Safety very seriously. Many of our services are offered or performed on live equipment or in live facilities. As industry requires various training and certification, SEAL-EX works with clients and personnel to ensure personnel are competent and capable to Safely complete projects.

Safe, Dependable and Professional work practices ensure high level of review for Safety concerns prior to the start of each project with continuous review and development to keep us Safe and with reduced opportunity for incidents.

Each of us, staff and clients have reasons to go home Safe, and at SEA-EX, we take this to heart with a commitment to Safety
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SEAL-EX Quality

SEAL-EX works to develop work processes and guidelines to produce consistent Quality workmanship. Whether providing field services, compenent manufacturing or simply testing and monitoring, our goal is to provide a Quality Experience for our clients

As required in various jurisdictions, we have Quality Control Programs, either registered or monitored by the applicable jurisdiction to ensure our services and products meet the required industry standards.

We also have an internal Quality Program, complete with training, evaluations, process reviews and continuous improvement inititives.