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SEAL-EX Industrial Services helps clients contain and stop leaks in process equipment, while the facility remains in operation. This Specialty service reduces losses and shut downs while eliminating safety hazards and equipment or environmental damage.
On Stream Leak Sealing
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Line Freezing

When a piping component or line needs to be isolated, SEAL-EX can provide a means to freeze the internal process contents and cause a solid blockage to allow downstream work to proceed. There are two systems offered, Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Nitrogen, each system offered dependant on freeze project requirments.
Leak Detection and Locating

SEAL-EX can provide personnel and equipment to aid in detecting leaks from various processes and locate them for maintenance action. Water leaks, process chemical leaks and pipeline leaks can be detected, located and reports generated to provide information regarding losses.
Pipe Remediation
Controlled Bolting

Using a combination of high strength epoxys and resin impregnated cloth wrap, SEAL-EX can help return a pipes integrity to required values. Protection from the elements or erosion can also be provided.

In order to prevent leaks and process loss, SEAL-EX can provide personnel and equipment to control the bolting process of flange joints. Proper bolting procedures can greatly reduce the possibility of future gasket leaks.