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SEAL-EX has many products available to be used in its On Stream Leak Sealing service. The best sealant is chosen based upon process involved, process conditions - pressure and temperature, ambient conditions, repair type and leak flow.
SEAL-EX can also provide packing and gasket materials.
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Routinely, On Stream Leak Sealing requires the use of a containment device. These are designed using 3D modeling and computer aided drafting (CAD). Each design is checked for fit and stresses, with a report provided for client records.
SEAL-EX offers 'PreFabricated', Standard Fitting and Custom Designs

SEAL-EX can provide machining and manufacturing of its containment devices along with machining services to its clients. All items are manufactured according to the SEAL-EX Quality Assurance program

All our services require personnel who are trained to provide the best service. SEAL-EX has training programs for its specialty services along with industry training for its personnel.
Machining & Manufacturing
SEAL-EX has developed various procedures, work instructions and guidelines for its services. Each project can be planned with Clients requirements to reduce the occurence of an incident and to reduce lost time from delays. From 'generic' to custom plans, SEAL-EX can assist clients with project planning.
Project Planning